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Newborn Photography 

It is the joy of many couples to get a newborn baby in the family. This is one of the most important moments for not only the couple but also friends and family members. The baby announcement photo is, therefore, a very important thing during this period. The baby photo is sent to the friends and family to announce the arrival of the bay into the family. Getting a good baby photographer is helpful to ensure the quality of the photos taken is the best. 

Below is a list of newborn photography tips to ensure that the photos taken are good quality and can be stuck on the fridge and even put in frames and hung in the house: 

Do the shoot early

If it is possible, the first 10 days after delivery are the most ideal. This is because the babies are more often than not asleep for most of the time. This way, you are able to pose them with ease compared to later when they are a little older. After 10 days, most babies also begin to develop acne n the skin and this may ruin the photo. 

Feed the Baby

Before you begin the shoot, you should ensure that your baby is changed and well fed. This way, they are comfortable and they will not cause trouble during the photoshoot. It also ensures that they are content and they may even fall asleep faster.

Use pillows and beanbags

When you are taking newborn photos, it may be exciting to keep the baby in different poses. However, it is important to ensure that they are safe and they are not exposed to any danger when they are in these positions. Therefore, the use of beanbags is recommended and pillows too. This way, you create a soft environment for the baby to pose on without risks of getting hurt. Ensure that the mother is close by when they are on their own, to prevent the occurrence of accidents. 

Think outside the box

In most of the newborn photos, the babies are often photographed in the bathtub, the bed and even on the couch. However, you can try more setting like placing the baby in a box, on top of a nicely patterned rug or even on the dad’s chest. This way, you are able to make your baby photos more interesting and unique. However, when you are experimenting, ensure that the baby is in a safe position. If the position is not safe, the mother would rather hold the baby and Photoshop the photography later and crop her out. 

As a newborn photographer, it is important that you get inspiration from the bay when you are taking the shoot. Capturing the moments when the baby is yawning, stretching and even laughing always ends up in the perfect photos. It is also important to prepare your clients in the right way. You can give them the intended length of the session, and even what you expect from them. This way, they are prepared in advance and this helps bring out beautiful photos. 


** For $75, add a 9×11 inch leather engagement album as a guestbook.
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